Help integrate Malayalam changes
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The SPACE organisation in Kerala has made a custom gcompris based on the old gtk+ version, and would need help to migrate to the new version.

This is a plan suggestion, feel free to comment and I'll edit it accordingly :

1-Get the translation made for the old version, and provide base for translating new version with what can be recovered from it. (note: also get the font)

2-Same for the voices.

3-Find a place and a system to host such translations that are not commonly supported

4-Help to port the customized activities in a separate branch on kde.git

5-Analyze the changes, and see what can be added as option inside the main app, and what should be possible to customize with our future administration interface.

Here is the list of changes they did on their customized version:

Overview of Gcompris Customization By Space

1-Eraser Game
• Replaced Objects which are not commonly found here with familiar objects.

2-Gnu-munch Activity
• The speed of muncher is increased from 1 sec to 5 sec.
• Provided unlimited life , so that the game will not end after a certain number of errors made

3-Color Activity
•The activity was repeatedly showing images of ducks with the same color
We ordered it into 3 different levels with some specific orders like,

  1. Colors in First Level : Ducks with Red, Green & Blue colors
  2. Colors in Second Level : Ducks with Red,Green,Blue,Black,White,Yellow & Orange
  3. Colors in Third Level: Ducks with Red,Green,Blue,Black,White,Yellow,Orange,Brown,Grey & Pink

4-Money Activity
• Money Denominations & Images were changed to Indian Rupee
• Prices of products were changed to values that are meaningful here.

5-Baby Shape Activity
• Added a new game stage with pencil and eraser images
• Replaced images that are found difficult to identify
• Order in which game progresses was found confusing, We reorderd it

6-Memorize Activity
• Replaced existing images with much more meaningful ones

7-Geo Country Activity
• Add Kerala & its districts to the existing Map

8-Baby Match Activity
• Images used in this activities were changed to the images of following things

  1. ball & bat
  2. brush & paint
  3. bulb & lamp
  4. chair & table
  5. cup & saucer
  6. egg & chicken
  7. flower & vase
  8. fork & knife
  9. glove & hand
  10. bed & pillow
  11. key & lock
  12. nail & hammer
  13. needle & thread
  14. pants & shirt
  15. shoes & socks
  16. toothbrush & paste

9-Advance Color Activity
• Some of the colors are not commonly used here. We replaced such images with images of
butterfiles having colors that are much more common
• we added a new stage with a set of T-shirts with different known colors

10-Edited Subtitles & Add Malayalam Dialogues

Do we have a patch and can we split it in sub-tasks (if someone is interested by working on one thing, he can create a subtask and assign it to himself)?

No patch provided yet. But sure this should be split in sub-tasks, I'll do that soon.

No patch provided yet. But sure this should be split in sub-tasks, I'll do that soon.

@timotheegiet @jjazeix How are you planning this activity? I can take up this activity and also get in touch with SPACE people to know is the changes are according to their requirement. SPACE uses these activities for teaching autistic children's

I am already in contact with people from SPACE since I visited it. I'll contact them again after the 0.90 release to discuss how to proceed quickly.

For 3, Malayalam is supported in KDE repositories (


-translation done
-voices are coming soon

We will see later for the other points.


-voices done
-letters dataset done
-website translation done