Text Shape issues
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  • The default tool should be selected after closing the editor window
  • tab still opens canvas-only mode when in the editor, and hides the editor's toolbar.
  • Escape should close the text editor and remove the new shape
  • Undo order gets very confused; looks like add shape is inserted before the last undo (bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=387997, not specific for the text tool)
  • ctrl-] is ambiguous
  • It's impossible to fix the z-order so text is shown on top of a drag and dropped speech balloon
  • Should have a default setting for lineheight/em
  • node editing undo is weird, and it's hard to grab a node that's on top of another object
  • Text shape should honor the rect it's created with when drag-creating it


  • Single click probably shouldn't create a shape, only dragging a rectangle
  • When applying a new font, bold and italic etc. disappears (Though this needs discussing/user interaction discussion.)
  • ems are not read back from the shape correctly
  • fill color is not converted back
  • aligment is not converted back
  • cannot select a text unless it is multline; then clicking on the first line still doesn't work


  • we should use the bounding box of the image, not the shape when calling KoSvgMarkupConverterch
  • stylesheet for svg source editor should be configurable
  • assert when trying to fill a text shape with a gradient (SAFE ASSERT (krita): "colorBackground" in file /home/boud/dev/text/libs/flake/text/KoSvgTextChunkShape.cpp, line 883)
  • some weirdness when converting font size units from pt to what it is inside the text shape; if the font size is specified as pt within the svg style defs, the result is a fontsize twice as big as expected

Even Later:

  • After saving text with a font with a larger height than before, the text shape's line height is not updated.

(Note: the svg okay; save the file, unzip, replace the saved svg with the one from the svg source editor, zip, load, and it will be fine.)

  • The spans of a multiline text are shown above, to the left when selecing the shape with the default tool.
  • Cannot resize a multiline text? Note: this intentional. Maybe not show the size handles then?
  • Text shape should store its svg content as a string, too, so we don't need to reconstruct it when saving if there have been no changes

Other stuff:

  • vector library docker needs zoom function + big preview tooltip
  • saving progress is always 0%

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