Script that checks the minimal requirements for a pull request
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Having a script that contains default checks could be run before a contributor does a PR:
* checking copyrights are updated
* qsTr() are used

  • no Text but GCText
  • no temp files
  • author name of the commit is "FirstName SecondName"
  • each ActivityInfo has qsTr(), createdInVersion and an intro text

Check and to see what else could be added and the previous github PR that contains a lot of same comments.

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Anyone working on this ? need help to get started on this task.

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we can also add the different version of Qt imports (QtQuick should be 2.6...)

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Could you move the tools into tools directory? And also create a test able to extract the element name when we find a string "......".
You can use the regexp I gave you for that. Thanks.

Yeah, sure but what element name should i test it against ?

if you use the regexp I gave you it will detect all the " ...... " patern (anything between quotation marks).
In a first time there will be lots of false error.
But the we can use the groups to identify the element nature to know if we display it or not.

To help the other reader than harry to read this thread, the regexp is

matchStr = /([^ ]+): "[^"]+"/.match(lineStr)

I have added a few lines to create some element exceptions.
If there are string without qstr and If the elements are in a defined list (see code) there is no warning
I attach the diff from your actual code.

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use of "var" instead of "variant" in qml

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Created branch checkActivitiesScripts into kde repository.
The file check_activities_ids_to_escape.txt contains the id elements name to escape when checking if qstr is missing.
check_activities.rb is the main file, it can be used with the "all" option to test all the activities in alpphabetical order.

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