Memory games (Single player) : Fix score visibility on vertical mode.
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activities/memory is base for many activities like addition, subtraction, multiply memory games.
Score image is hidden behind bar buttons(


Differential Revisions
D9942: T7614 Memory games patch
asagtani created this task.Dec 16 2017, 3:23 PM

is making the score image smaller a good idea ?

@harrymecwan hi, I think the best solution would be to decrease the zoom of the bar for vertical mode, as the score image will not fit at other coordinates even with small size.

then it will affect all the activities. is that okay ?

are you talking about all the memory activities or overall activities?

i'm talking about overall activities as the bar is core to every activity.

It is not required to make changes in the core.
Make changes in memory/MemoryCommon.qml it will fix all the memory activities.

Scaling it down will work but wouldn't it look different that all memory activities have smaller bar and other activities won't. In my opinion bar is core to every activity and should not be changed as per the requirements of each activity.

Scaling the bar is not an option :).
Note that against Tux, you have 2 scores displayed.

I've done changes as Animtim (irc) suggested.