Additional OpenGL graphics drivers to be blacklisted for Krita
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I'm going to use this task to list all the additional blacklisting other than the ones that already comes with Qt. Not limited to Intel. (Please do not close.)

(If anyone has more info or reports which I might have missed, please ping me on IRC or comment here...)

  1. Intel HD Graphics: Window content offsets and expands out of bounds
    • Symptoms: Window content offsets and expands out of bounds
    • Known broken versions:
      • Driver versions between build 4636 and 4729 (exclusive)
    • Status: Blacklisted starting from 3.3
    • Ref:
  2. Intel HD Graphics: canvas not updating properly
    • Symptoms: Strokes drawn on canvas not showing up until layer is being hidden or focus is changed to another window, etc.
    • Known broken versions:
    • Status: Planning to blacklist driver build 4358

In addition, ANGLE would be made default on Intel graphics in the upcoming releases. Warning message(s) might be added to the display settings page to describe the issue(s).