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I mentioned it earlier but it kinda got lost but, there is twitter account @PlasmaMobile . Nobody known is controlling that account.. it would be good to have access to that account for promoting Purism Phone Campaign say and Halium..

I'd prefer if someone from Promo team or maybe Board(?) approaches twitter to get access to that account.

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bump2? 😛

Last week we sent out an activity report to kde-promo, and one of the tasks/questions in it was this - I asked if anyone knew something about this account.
Since no one came forward in the meantime, I'm sending a support request to Twitter now. Let's hope it helps.

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So maybe it's just not ours?

In T6920#112529, @apol wrote:

So maybe it's just not ours?

It's possible, yes. Maybe some random person just registered it and has been squatting it since 2011.

This is what I wrote in the email to Twitter Support:

we have been unable to recover the account credentials, and it's unclear whether the account was registered by someone from our community who is no longer active, or by a third party.

so we'll see what they say.

Following the discussion in the kde-promo channel/Telegram group, I'm sharing the emails I exchanged with Twitter regarding this case.

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Doesn't seem doable at the moment.