Add more page sizes
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KReportPageSizeInfo pageSizeInfo contains few page sizes. Before we freeze the API how about adding more, at least as many as "PageFormatInfo pageFormatInfo" in calligra.git and LibreOffice has?

Entire QPageSize::PageSizeId list would be overkill indeed.


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D8559: Add additional page sizes
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Related note: if you open LO Writer's page format dialog, there is no custom size property but just size:

It is reset to size based on 'page size type' selection if the type is not custom. That's different to KReport.

Why I like it?

  1. If custom page type is not used, no custom size is displayed
  2. Picking some non-custom type shows it's actual size like 210x297mm for A4.

Technically it's not hard to have that. Backward compatibility would not be affected (?).

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