redesign ImageListModel
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  • imagelistmodel using directly imagestorage (imagestorage is a singleton so it can just access ImageStorage::instance() and be done with it
  • then, in imagelistmodel expose the following properties: LocationGroup, TimeGroup, query, querytype locationgroup and timegroup, the types exposed from imagestorage query, a string, the same string used for imagesForTime(const QByteArray& name, TimeGroup group); imageForLocation(const QByteArray& name, LocationGroup loc);

    queryType, a new enum exposed in imagelistmodel that can be LocationQuery or TimeQuery
  • then the instances in qml of the imagefoldermodel would set those parameters
  • so, the imagelistmodel would populate itself
  • bridge signals from filesystemtracker imageAdded/imageRemoved to ImageStorage
  • the model would connect to those 2 new ImageStorage signals