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Project Halium is an initiative that includes contributors from KDE Plasma Mobile, so it's relevant to us. However, there is no official announcement from the project yet, and the developers expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that some third-party sites (linked above) ran the news before they had time to describe the project in more detail. (This happened on IRC; I have logs that I can share if necessary.)

We should:

  • contact the developers and ask them for more info about the project,
  • create an article for the Dot,
  • and promote it on our social media profiles.

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@bshah You might be interested ;)

bshah added a comment.Apr 26 2017, 1:07 PM


So.. so far it seems KDE community Google+ page shared my G+ post [1] and it was shared on Facebook as well [2]. but no dot story or no blog post on my personal blog.

Now from Halium developer perspective I believe it would be cool to share this on dot.kde.org when Plasma Mobile makes switch to it or starts working on top of halium.. I can however do blog post on my personal blog post about this (and I plan to do that soon)

Please tell me what do you guys think?

[1] https://plus.google.com/+KdeOrg/posts/P3MTHbPXCS1
[2] https://www.facebook.com/kde/posts/10154767504203918


I agree that it would be cool to have a Dot story about this, but I feel like we would need more information about how this relates to Plasma Mobile and the KDE project/community in general.
At the moment there doesn't seem to be much more info to report on than what is already written in the official announcement. But I might be wrong.

bshah added a comment.Apr 26 2017, 2:06 PM

Okay I will try to explain how it relates with KDE community..

Initially when we launched the Plasma mobile project, we based our prototype on top of Ubuntu Touch, however there were some intermediate technical issues due to which we stopped using Ubuntu Touch and rolled our own base which used home-grown setup which was not standard.

Fast forward to sometime later, Canonical stopped supporting Ubuntu touch and it was adopted by the Ubports community, by this time all (Ubports, Plasma Mobile team and SailfishOS) communities realized that we are trying to solve same problem of bring GNU/Linux to android devices, and we should work together.. and we started documenting our needs and how we can solve it etc..

To answer how this is important for Plasma Mobile and KDE community,

Currently Plasma Mobile supports only handful of devices, Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X, (and un-officially one plus one), in addition this ports are not fully complete and lacks support for various hardware functions like calling, camera, rotation etc.. This is due to both lack of knowledge in existing team and manpower, currently team have choice to either work on porting or work on applications/user interface or higher level stuffs. But neither is happening at speed it should happen. Now with halium in play, we will be able to do knowledge-sharing with other communities who are already into the mobile operating system area, and also our technical issues will get faster resolution IMO.

If you have any more questions, I will be happy to answer it.

Thanks, this is great! Do you think we should also include some technical information about the project, or would this be enough for an introductory article?
Feel free to mention anything you think is important.

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@bshah The "Halium Unifies Mobile Linux" section of the article "Plasma rocks Akademy" [1] seems to cover the things you mentioned above.
Do you feel that what should be said about Halium has now been said, or are there more things that should be promoted about Halium?

[1]: https://dot.kde.org/2017/08/02/plasma-rocks-akademy