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A new Drupal theme based on the Aether design.

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lydia added a subscriber: lydia.Mar 12 2017, 1:34 PM

I believe this can be broken down into at least the following parts:

  • screen-design of the theme
  • turning the design into a proper Drupal theme

I understand we do have the first. Then we turned it into html. This is live now. What needs to happen next is turning the html that is live now into a proper Drupal theme. Is this correct?

kvermette lowered the priority of this task from High to Low.May 12 2017, 9:28 AM

We're moving to Wordpress, so this is lower on priority as we'll switch to Drupal 7 later for the few websites we have running on Drupal. I'm also starting a "migration program" for any website willing to switch to Wordpress, where I will dedicate some time to port their content (if reasonable) and write a small amount of customization software to enable the change.

Part of this program will be taking reasonable feature requests and folding them directly into the Wordpress theme proper, so KDE blogs, websites, and KDE.org itself can potentially take advantage. All these features are being made toggleable/adaptive. Another part is also development of small plugins on a per-site basis, where if a site (like Academy) needs special functionality which isn't too demanding - I will write a plugin implementing those needs.

Lastly, themes and plugins will be loaded into the Wordpress theme and plugin directories, or, at minimum, the theme to help with update distribution. We will still be using Git-based methods for core websites, but there are many sites I know can't be monitored which would benefit from this. Wordpress requires uploaded themes be GPL, which this is already.

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ognarb added a comment.EditedSep 24 2019, 1:09 PM

WIP see invent.kde.org/websites/aether-drupal7 and test version: https://akademy-dev.kde.org/.

Still a bug to fix: the menubar doesn't change when the page change

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