Better foreground/background selector on toolbar
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This was an idea I had (which I can probably code too). The current foreground/background selector on the toolbar is bit difficult to use for the following reasons in my opinion:

  1. foreground color is by far the most important part out of all of these (changes very frequently), but it can be difficult to see since it is so small
  2. hard to tell the difference between foreground color and background color since they are the same size squares
  3. swap foreground/background function is small and hard to click (especially on tablets)

I know my proposal isn't the "industry standard" look, but I do think it is more clear to see and easier to use and click on. While I did convert the "reset to black/white" functionality to a reset icon which might make it harder to tell what it does. I also think it is by far the least important part. I was debating on removing it, but do think it occasionally has a use.

I would be interested to hear people's thoughts...

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I would like see this in the Advancer Color Selector.
I think this is the best spot to show this element.

@hanu: are you proposing to remove it from the toolbar? We need to have the active color shown at all times, so I don't know if it would be a good idea to remove it from that. Some people don't show the advanced color selector, so it is a bit less useful there in my opinion. Maybe it could some day be in both spots

Interesting proposal, I like the improvements.
I agree that it shouldn't be removed from the toolbar (user can already remove it from there if they want).

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Totally agree, @scottpetrovic, "show" foreground/background selector in both spots should be awesome.

I know is necessary always keep this selector in the interface, but interact with it in the toolbar can be a bit uncomfortable. First, this selector it is hard to distinguish at first glance, because around there are similar elements (squares shapes) like gradients, fill patterns or brush editor.

And the second point is about workflow. The way how this selector is positionated... do that our eyes or our hands have to "jump" from on side to other in the canvas. Maybe I am wrong, but a background/foreground selector near from a color wheel, could be a bite more productive.

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I am just closing this for now. It doesn't appear to be much of an issue as no one has brought up anything about this. We can start another ticket if it becomes important.