Add back changing font size in dockers
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A recent support ticket came up about changing font sizes. After a bit of research, it appears we already have functionality to do this. The option doesn't appear to be in the GUI though. in this function... QFont KoDockRegistry::dockFont()

I was thinking about adding a GUI option in the general preferences that would read/write out the setting for this. This is what it would look like...

[checkbox] Use custom font size for dockers (needs restart).

if checked....

show a another input field that defaults to [10] points. Artist can change the number and hit save.

Is there a known reason why setting this variable was removed? maybe it get lost somewhere.

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That option has never been visible in Krita's settings dialog, only in Karbon's.

sounds like a new feature then!

it sounds like there is some highDPI stuff going on, so we might not need to do this. The solution boud and I discussed online sounded a bit messy, so i am not sure if it is worth adding an option for this feature the way I described.

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I am closing this ticket out. it looks like there was a checkbox added to the UI on enabling high DPI. I am not really doing anything with this, so we can open a new one if it gets important.

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Is this checkbox still apears in the current version of Krita? @scottpetrovic

It is in the master branch. Probably won't be officially added for another 2 versions

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It's backported to 3.1.2 too.