Audio import for synchronisation.
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"Much harder than it might seem, adding audio import for lip synchronization is far from trivial! We would need to add an extra track to the timeline, an extra docker to show the phonemes and the sound waves and lock that step by step to your timeline. The link to the audiofile should be saved to Krita files as well, so you can continue your projects. And we need to make the audio audible! On three platforms, which is a challenge as well!"


  • Audio import
  • Audio layer
  • Referencing to an audio file
  • Does NOT imply saving out audio, editing audio or MKV formats or whatever. Just raw reading and playing.


  • People ask for this a lot, but it's very complicated to do halfway right. 10,000 euro stretcher.
  • QT multimedia is an API that hates you, like all Multimedia API.

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