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Description: Learn to play melodies on the piano keyboard!

Prerequisite: Knowledge of musical notation and musical staff. Play the activity named 'Piano Composition' first.

Goal: Understand how the piano keyboard can play music as written on the musical staff.

Manual: The notes you see will be played to you. Click on the corresponding keys on the keyboard that match the notes you hear and see.

The levels will be presented as follows:

  1. In the first 4 levels, the user will be given the 4 keyboard set for treble clef (which we have in piano_composition) one-by-one in each level. In every level, there will be 5 sublevels with different melodies which the user has to replicate.

Note quantity offered in sublevels:

    a. Sub levels 1-3 --> 3 notes per sub level.

    b. Sub levels 4 and 5 --> 4 notes per sub level.

There will be an undo button here too, for the user to correct his previous answers.
  1. In the 5th level, they'll be given the sharp notes in the melody to replicate too.
  1. In the 6th level, they'll be given flat notes.
  1. In the 7th level, they'll have all the 3 sets of treble keyboards like in piano_composition and the flat and sharp keys and they have to replicate the melody offered.
  1. The next 5 levels will present bass clef and will be based on the same principle.

As proposed in the proposal, it will have a medium difficulty mode in which the user can attempt the same levels without colored notes.



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