Improve donate system
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Right now KDE's donate system is very boring, you just support KDE and it's all, no awards, no patron levels :(

I think that KDE's donate system needs a modernization, the good examples is Patreon and Blender.

Patreon style is more suitable for One-Time Donations or Individual Donations, Blender fund style for various Companies and Corporations.

Donate levels on

For exapmle One-Time Donations, why not to make awards for a different donate amounts?
And do the award levels, with some award:
15$ - You will get stickers
50$ - You will get something else
100$ - You will get 3D printed Konqi figure

I think that's good way to do patrons more happy, becouse they're gonna get a awards for their support and their support won't feel like something unnecessary. This also can works much better than just a "shop with KDE attributes".

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+1 but the donation part is the responsibility of the fundraising working group not of the website group and having awards is also a lot of extra work for us. On other news I working on a Blender fund website (it's all open source) for Krita.

Basically, gamify it. I think that's a good idea.

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We are working for years now to get our current system to work properly. Before that is fixed that's a no from me for any fundamental additions tbh. Sorry.