Phabrikator is losing ownership on contributions
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I am using GIT to contribut to projects, which produces ready-to-use patches to make contributing easy.
However, from the moment Phabrikator gets in the way, things gets annoyingly complicated. But this ticket is not about this, it is about the most frustating part of it: Authorship on the contribution is blunty discarded.

I have 2 examples:

In both cases, you can see in GIT history that the commit author is set to the project's owner, not the contributor. []

chcuris created this task.Nov 9 2019, 11:28 AM
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That's probably because @drosca committed those for you and didn't set you as the author.

In fact in the first diff you linked you are set correctly as the author in the commit but not the second one.

Yes, I confirm the first contribution was actually right. But I have just looked at it and saw that @drosca *had* to ask me a contributor name, which it seems he forgot in 2nd contrib.
Why can't Phab use the info from the GIT patch ? It already has everything (Subject, Summary, Author, ...).
What is the need to make project owner's life harder? Isn't Phab supposed to help?

drosca added a comment.Nov 9 2019, 7:46 PM

I did use arc patch Dxxx to get the commit, but I didn't notice the ownership was wrong. This happens if you manually upload the patch to website instead of using arc utility. Yes, it's a stupid feature of phabricator, and I forgot about it unfortunately. Sorry.

Hi David,
I did not plan to get you involved in this discussion because I guessed you wouldn't have done it on-purpose, that's why I have opened a bug on Phabrikator. My point of view is that tools are meant to make life easier (like what GIT does), not bring extra layers of complexity, problems and extra work (hence the tone in the report less diplomatic that what I usually try to do, I think it was the straw that broke the camel's back).