Move away from LiquidThreads in the wikis
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The LiquidThreads extension is not maintained anymore, we should move away from it. This result in bug like this: T11425 (php warning when searching on techbase)

New tool

Discussion tool are important, so we should find a replacement. Multiple propositions:

  • Simple wiki talk page without fancy thread with the Echo extension
    • Pro: Already existing, integrated with the wiki, ping
    • Cons: No structure
  • Matrix/IRC chat:
    • pro: easy to chat, ping
    • cons: not integrated with the wiki, no 'task' management
  • Gitlab:
    • pro: task management, ping
    • cons: not integrated with the wiki

Archiving the old content

When we are moving to a new tool, we will need to archive the old content. We need to find a solution.

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MediaWiki can do pings with It's used on Wikipedia and co

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Thanks for the link @lydia. This makes the plain talk page a lot more interesting.

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We updated to 3.34 and removed the LiquidThreads extension and are now using the echo extension.