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We will be holding a Promo BoF on September 9, Monday Morning. This task is to gather stuff you would like to talk about as part of the team. Put your ideas in the comments.

Please take a look at Promo's Goals and keep them in mind when proposing ideas.

It would also be good to get an idea of who will be attending.


  • State of Promo
  • ...


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How about devising a promo plan for the new goals? They will have been decided and announced by Monday.

It seems like we did a good job to attract the attention of outsiders with the first round of goals, it would be great if we can build on that and increase the impact with the 2nd round of goals.

I'll be at Akademy and provided no other obligations come up, I'll try to attend this BoF.

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How about devising a promo plan for the new goals? They will have been decided and announced by Monday.

By then we will know which ones were chosen... Okay, not a bad idea.

Maybe we can discuss when and where to hold the next sprint

Topic suggestion: Improving the release announcement process and our relationship with developers

Recently, there have been a few instances where the release announcements were not handled properly, mainly due to miscommunication regarding the requirements, responsibilities, and scheduling.

If there is enough time and interest in this, during the BoF we could look at the current process and think of ways to improve it. I know a lot of people in the community are against "codifying" things and creating rigid structures, but in this case I think it would benefit everyone if we just wrote down an SOP that must always be followed.

It would be great if someone from the t9n/i18n squad could participate in the BoF so that their voice is heard as well.

We should also look at the list of people who identified themselves as "liaisons" in T8258. Their responsibilities should be better defined, and their role in the process should be clarified.
Can Promo still rely on them to do their part in the announcement process, or should we look for other ways to connect with developers?

Finally, we should all agree on some basics (and write that down!!) to make things easier for everyone. Stuff like:

  • what types of changes/bugfixes should go into the announcement (apropos recent discussion in the Promo channel);
  • level of detail in the announcement vs in the Dot story;
  • continue writing announcements for Beta releases vs giving all the spotlight to the final releases...
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