Update kmymoney website
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Update KMyMoney website to jekyll and jekyll-kde-theme.

Repository: https://cgit.kde.org/websites/kmymoney-org.git/

Skill needed

  • Markdown
  • Jekyll templating
  • Motivation :p

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@ognarb I see you started already. Do you want help with this one, or should I pick a different website to port? (I’m not sure how fleasible parallel work on this is)

I'm sure we can work together :) I'm currently doing the support page (documentation, faq, ...), if you want you can do the homepage ;)

Should we use https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll-redirect-from to avoid breaking existing URLs, or it does not matter?

Keeping existing URLs might be interesting in one or the other case, probably not all of them.

ognarb added a comment.Sat, Nov 2, 5:13 PM

I already added a .htaccess to the jekyll branch with some redirection so that the user don't get 404 errors.