Localized dataset system
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Once the multi-dataset is ready, we should add a system to can download and use localized datasets for some activities.

Usecase examples:
-Malayalam teachers expressed their need to can adapt the content of several activities to their culture.
-Some Brazilian users asked if possible to adapt the Money activities to their currency, especially as they have different values than the Euro ones we use (coins: five cents, ten cents, twenty-five cents and one real; Bills: two , five, ten, twenty , fifty and one hundred real).

Of course creating localized datasets for several activities will take lot of work, I expect interested users to contribute content for those.

It could work like this: add a dataset folder in the data2 folder we use for downloaded resources.
In this folder, have a folder for each locale, containing the respective localized datasets.
In an activity, if it has localized datasets available for selected language, in its options or dataset panel, add a button "use localized datasets", activated by default.

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