Topological activity
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An activity for children where they need to click on what is in front of an object, behind it, on a side inside, outside, something far/close, beneath, above...

jjazeix created this task.May 25 2019, 9:19 AM

We coudl add between
An example of images can be found here

And we could have something more symbolic for older children

2-3 potential modes:

  • like in missing_letter, a list of words and an image, we need to select the good word.
  • like in missing_letter, a list of images and a word, we need to select the good image corresponding to the word.
  • (in a 2.5 dimension world, having an item in the middle, a person to place on the asked position?)

For first 2 modes, could it make sense to have it on lang activity or is it better to separate?

I would put everything within the same activity so that people would find it under the same name for example relative positionning.