Brush Texture docker proposal
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Hi Krita users and developers.
We all love good brushes, they help us to paint faster and better giving us more creative features. People like a lot “pastel brushes” “oil effects” and “texture effects” to save time.

Fortunately we have textured brushes with good features and also masked brushes. We have enough and far more for digital painting. All these features need to be coded, and code takes time and cost money

So ¿why i think this is a good idea?
Maybe because i think we already have almost everything done. (in my enthusiastic creative mind) I am not thinking in big changes but some kind of clean up for texture painting. Maybe Krita users don’t know the pattern power.

I believe strongly in the “resources” reusing philosophy :D. And we have incredible things already coded in Krita like:

  • Sliders in topbar (can be configured)
  • brush size. Shift+ Drag. Ctrl+Shift+Drag could be resize the pattern (brush texture)
  • Global pattern docker.
  • All the needed features are coded inside the brush editor already.

Brush editor /Texture .
This panel provides a lot of good features.

Also in top bar we can add features.

I see the dockers as something “modular” but maybe i am wrong. I see them as big boxes where we can copy elements already coded and this way we can have simplified dockers with the parameters we want. (something similar as RMB)

in these mockup done with Inkscape i see 3 main areas:

  • Basic operations
  • Optios
  • Secondary operations.

Having these features in a small dock we can control without open the brush editor the most used parameters for textural effects.
Space in docker area is like gold and clustered UI are usually disliked. Keep a clean UI is important. So a small docker is better than a superfilled of features docker.

i don’t know if it takes too much time to code a pop up window.

And that’s all. As always this is in a draft stage. It deppends on your feedback if this is done or not. Anyway thanks a lot for read this :D

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rempt added a comment.Feb 6 2019, 10:40 AM

I guess it would be possible to code this up in Python, even -- or should be. The main thing though is that it needs to have an on/off switch, too.

Hi, The most important feature i wish is scaling the size, brightness and contrast. They are sliders. ;) But i think more features like i propose is more fun. We are not in a hurry, so we can talk about it. Maybe users are not using this because is not so comfortable as we could expect and breaks the creative workflow.

I am making a video to show this much better.

Instead of a separate docker, I propose to add the brush texture controls to the existing Patterns docker (and maybe also to Patterns popup in the toolbar).

The updated UI might look like this:

A related task T126 suggests using currently selected pattern also for brush texture. I would rather divide pattern selection into Fill Pattern, which applies to Fill Tool and brush Color Source, and Brush Texture. That way the artist can set both pattern color source and texture for their brush. (Also discussed in bug