KritaMI2019: Introduction coming from photoshop(Knowledge of Photoshop required)
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  • Someone with photoshop knowledge needs to go over this page and determine what needs to be updated!
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It is well worded and could be worded better, take very much care in your words, as it is insulting. This is acceptable. Thank You.

Are you testing a bot on the phabricator website???

no. live. nothing is wrong. thank you.

Most people would tell whoever said whatever told you did a good job.

I personally would add the "thank you for nut thing" image, but I should really not be intentionally insulting. So in conclusion: the article you wrote is just fine..

Note: it takes 2 minutes for your competitors to suck up this info here. They make money. I am money. I often dislike reading the aftermath, but sometimes it is like tomorrow.

I think this is going out of hand

Probably, but I think it is a work of art. If I could close it, I would.
That is just my opinion.

Is there anything that is wrong. I am sorry but I am unable to understand any of your comments.