move installs from core16 to core18 kf5 snap
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existing installs come with the core16 snap, it may make sense to figure out if core16 needs removing and replacing with core18


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Similarly to T10105 there is no real value in this.

For one, figuring out if a migration is called for (install new & remove all) is super non trivial since snapd doesn't expose the metadata readily available (i.e. we can't easily check if any installed snap requires the runtime).

As a quick and dirty solution to the problem at large I think it may be viable to write a tiny script that simply drops the old kf5 snap iff there are no other snaps installed. This is the most conservative approach to clean up I feel. We could do a similarly dirty trick by looking at connected interfaces (i.e. snaps that use kf5 need to have a connection to it), but I am not confident that is a reliable or in fact save data point to make the decision on whether to remove the kf5 snap.

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neon-settings will now attempt to remove the kf5 snap when it is found to be unused as previously mentioned. the core18 snap will be installed on-demand should the user opt to install one of the kde snaps that use it.