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As I wrote in M91:

main page with recent shots, with a FAB buttons to take a new one. When you push the FAB a new page is opened with the video-input from the webcam and a new FAB to take the photo. When the photo is taken it appers in the first page with the others.
If you tap on a taken photo in the list a new page is opened with that photo and the context menu has options for that photo.
The global drawer is always the same and has actions that have sense in every moment, like "open Settings page".

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apol added a comment.Mar 18 2017, 8:18 PM

I'm not convinced, I don't think the main page for the application should be the gallery. One opens Kamoso to take pictures, not to browse himself.

@apol if the problem is having the UI ready to take pictures with one click, it could be started with recent shots + take picture pages both opened. Then if the user clicks on a recent shot the page on right will show it with options, like in the screenshot.
Then if the user wants to take a picture again he just have to click on "+" FAB in recent shots page.
It seems the most sensible approach to me...