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There is a usability issue ticket out there right now to be able to globally change text without needing to select the text first.

I had an idea of leap frogging their suggestion and making it so you don't have have to open the text editor to make these type of changes.

I can't speak to how everyone uses the text editor, but for me, a large amount of time I generally do changes globally and don't fiddle a lot with individual things.

One thing we are NOT doing is on-canvas editing. I think this route is going to be the best route that has best UX.

Bug reference: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=400243

scottpetrovic created Text Object global changing.Nov 15 2018, 4:18 PM
scottpetrovic added a subscriber: tysontan.

Yes, that'll definitely improve the text tool's usability.

One suggestion: when the text has style markings (like BOLD and ITALIC) in SOME of its letters, changing font globally should not reset each letter's style, same policy should apply to color and alignment as well. By doing this, we allow user to change global font without redoing each word's specific style. It'll speed up the workflow and encourage them to test different font choices.

Just another reminder here, there are some other text UI issues that limit Krita's text style functionality:

  1. Krita cannot recognize each font's built-in styles. The Regular/Roman/Italic/etc droplist on the right of the font name droplist has no effect.
  2. Some fonts like Noto Sans CJK / Noto Serif CJK has their styles as individual .ttc files, but Krita can only display the Regular one in font list. However, I can still type names like "Noto Serif CJK Black" to make use of them. Can we fix this problem on the way?

If no on-canvas editing is going to be the way, then we must on some point solve the auto-wrapping issue. The impact on long paragraph typography is too much without it.