Overhaul group popup dialog

Authored by hein on Jan 20 2017, 8:46 PM.



A set of UI improvements to the group popup dialog:

  • The dialog was height-limited but not scrollable. It now shows a vertical scrollbar if needed.
  • The existing keyboard handling is extended to scroll any item navigated to by keyboard into view.
  • At opening time (before the dialog causes a change in window focus) the currently-active task (if any) is collected, and then made the active item, scrolling it into view if needed. Keyboard nav will then start there. This improves initial focus handling.
  • The normal wheel-handling is short-circuited in favor of scrolling when the dialog overflows.


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Note: I think I need to make collecting the active task more robust still. Feel free to review, but I will probably update after the weekend.

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Make active task pre-collection reliable.

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Why this change?


FTR: Qt 5.9 will add a "positioningComplete" signal :)


Can you perhaps have the task do that automatically since fwict you always do forceActiveFocus and then ensureItemVisible:

onActiveFocusChanged: {
    if (activeFocus) {



Why not assign it directly above?

property TextMetrics textMetrics: TextMetrics {}
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Will update once I have a Qt again.


Will do.


Will do.


I was doing heavy refactoring and changing the nesting and trying different things a few times, happened along the way. I'll clean it out of the diff.


Nifty, about time. That also means we can remove some fugly code in main.qml for the layouting and delegate geo publishs.


I see the appeal, but I'd rather not do it implicitly and calling GroupDialog API ... I'm rather unhappy with how much coupling there is between Task and GroupDialog already (writing a delegate that relies on API outside of it is always pretty ugly). I'll think about whether I can find some other nice solution.


Doing it declaratively creates a binding loop in this case.


I think this wasn't possible in older Qt Quicks? Nice that it's possible now, will do.

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I don't get how assigning a number as a child works. This line makes no sense to me.


I think this has always been possible :) definitely for years.

What doesn't (until Qt 5.8 which fixes this) is having name spaced declarations, ie. property PlasmaCore.Foo bar will choke on the dot.

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Actually, to me it doesn't, either ;). I was asleep at the wheel/rushed earlier, will remove. Thanks for being persistent.

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Various cleanups suggested by Kai.

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is this timer working around some bug? should have at least some comments explaining why this needs to be delayed

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There's extensive comments explaining it in the patch actually ...?

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Collect active task on hover but invalidate when child count changes.

This should be reasonably safe-ish with regard to the stored task
index still being valid at click time.

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Also added a more localized comment on Marco's request.

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Bite the bullet and do the active task collection the brute force way.

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