[KScreen Helper Effect] Avoid windows and desktop shining through

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The idea behind the effect is to fade the screen to black by fading out all windows. The problem is that when multiple windows are ontop of each other you can see windows shining through. By instead fading brightness to zero we properly fade to black. However, if a window has alpha (such as the panel) it will only fade to black its masked contents, not the entire window, looking bad.

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I can no longer briefly see my desktop when suspending and resuming while the screen is locked

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Wouldn't it make more sense to leave the windows alone and trail the screen paint with a black rectangle, in doubt by adding a black window?

Of course. Could you point me to what this would look like?

I'm no longer sufficiently in touch with the code, but one could probably "abuse" the (unstyled) effectframe for the matter (ie. generalize it and make the current frame a special case reg. color, roundness and opacity) - or introduce a similar class for such purposes.

Or maybe rethink the whole story. We could adjust the gamma of the output to fade to black and don't use the compositor for it at all.

I'd also like to be able to influence the duration of fading, so I can for instance slowly fade over a period of 5 or 10 seconds in PowerDevil until I turn the screen off. If I could do that directly from PowerDevil (set gamma through xcb? plus some Wayland protocol) that would help me a lot.

xcb_randr, gamma ramps. yes.
Look at the inversion implementation in kwin and/or simply the xgamma/xcalib code =)

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Thanks for your input, let's come up with something proper™ for 5.10 then :)