Render raceways highways

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Nice, still some minor nitpicks.


This value marks the minimum zoom level where the street appears. Zoomlevels are exactly organized like in OpenStreetMap: level 0 is the lowest one which contains the whole earth in a single picture. Level 19 the highest one where you can see all details of a small street.
As you can see the biggest streets only appear at level 7. Raceways are less prominent in general so they should probably rather appear around level 11 or 13.


Should we really not display any outline?

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You are probably right.


I had trouble with displaying it on the higher zoom levels, but I suspect it was because of the way my example ( was rendered in particular. i have checked on OSM and the lowest zoom level I can see the raceway is 12.


We probably should, my bad.

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Changed the zoom level to a more reasonable minimum and added an outline to the line

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Sorry, still a nitpick: during compilation I get this:

/home/tackat/marble/sources/src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataPlacemark.cpp: In member function ‘QString Marble::GeoDataPlacemark::categoryName() const’:
/home/tackat/marble/sources/src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataPlacemark.cpp:362:12: warning: enumeration value ‘HighwayRaceway’ not handled in switch [-Wswitch]

switch (d->m_visualCategory) {
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I've tested you patch and the only thing left to complete this task seems to be the compilation warning above. Apart from that it looks great.

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Fixed a warning about an unhandled switch case.

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