Adapt to l10n scripts stored in branches of Git repository
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Authored by aspotashev on Dec 18 2019, 6:07 AM.


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Of course this won't work unless you replace */scripts with the following symlinks:

  • branches/stable/l10n-kde4/scripts -> prod/scripts/branches_stable_l10n-kde4
  • branches/stable/l10n-kf5/scripts -> prod/scripts/branches_stable_l10n-kf5
  • branches/stable/l10n-kf5-plasma-lts/scripts -> prod/scripts/branches_stable_l10n-kf5-plasma-lts
  • trunk/l10n-kf5/scripts -> prod/scripts/trunk_l10n-kf5

Symlinks may use relative paths.

The directories in prod/scripts must be working copies of scripty Git repository ( example: , see T4803 ) with the following branches checked out:

  • prod/scripts/branches_stable_l10n-kde4: stable_l10n-kde4
  • prod/scripts/branches_stable_l10n-kf5: stable_l10n-kf5
  • prod/scripts/branches_stable_l10n-kf5-plasma-lts: stable_l10n-kf5-plasma-lts
  • prod/scripts/trunk_l10n-kf5: master

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aacid added a subscriber: aacid.Mar 14 2020, 11:04 AM

Just to be sure, this needs (or rather the repo resulting from it), right?

Just to be sure, this needs (or rather the repo resulting from it), right?

It's hard to recall what I did 3 months ago, but this seems correct.

To clarify: I identified that we can't just migrate to Git and remove the scripty source code from SVN without changing makemessages. Migration can be done as follows:

  1. Freeze SVN for changes
  2. Make sure the Git repo is up to date, sync it from SVN if necessary. Use for repo conversion to Git.
  3. Apply this patch to makemessages
  4. Remove scripty code from SVN