Wavelet decompose plugin

Authored by rempt on Aug 3 2016, 9:50 PM.


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I use it in retouch of my photos , it enable change for example skin texture but keep color or change color but keep structure

here is original Gimp Plugin

mine is mathematicaly indentical, so the result is the same

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i miss some files ans i fix copyright

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I haven't built it yet: in general, it looks fine to me, I've just added a couple of nit-picking notes. I'll build the patch tomorrow and test it, but it looks fine in general!

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Check your copyright :-)

Also, if this class is only used by your plugin, it would be better to move it into the plugin, instead of the already too-big libs/image library. If you intend to add other plugins that use this class, then we can always move it back.


No need to keep commented-out lines.


Maybe lose a few empty lines here?


I realize that there's a lot of places in Krita where we create dialogs this way, but "modern" thinking prefers to create dialogs on the stack, so you don't need to explicitly delete them -- that is helpful if later on there will be more than one exit location from this function.


I'm suddenly unsure, but if the dialog is accepted, it's hidden already, isn't it?


if "lev" is meant to mean "level", just write it out in full.


In general, don't forget to add a space after a comma, for readability.

  • fix dialog static instead pointer for beter safety
  • move file with kernel into plugin from library
  • delete comented lines of code
  • delete double empty line
  • add spaces after comma
  • rename lev to level

delete ugly obtain parent layer of image and add better way

I built it and it seems like it is working ok. The option is in the Layers menu which is getting really long. I think where you put it is ok for now. I started a discussion about organizing the layers menu, so it might get moved around at a later time.


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I'm fine with merging!

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I'm fine with merging!

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There is a small safety comment, which can be fixed after the merge.


It is better to change this line into image->barrierLock(), otherwise your action can interfere with the suspended strokes.

to all:
probably, we should rename image->lock() into something image->lockNoBarrierNeverUseUnlessYouReallyKnowWhatYouAreDoing() ? :)

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I copy paste from extension split layers whis is my start example

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The patch has been merged into master!

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