Unify busy spinner appearance on update page

Authored by ngraham on Aug 20 2019, 5:26 PM.


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The busy spinner on the main page is in the center of the view and it's not humongous.
Let's do the same thing on the updates page. As part of this, we can get rid of the
"Fetching updates..." text, because it's already perfectly clear what's going on.

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We don't want any text?

All it used to say was "Fetching updates..." which I think is adequately implied by it being a busy spinner on the Updates page. The spinner on the main page doesn't say, "Fetching applications" or whatever, so I was trying to be consistent with that. Your call though.

apol added a comment.Aug 20 2019, 6:27 PM

As is, it looks unfinished to me. I prefer to give some kind of hint of what's happening, especially since this could take a while, yesterday I opened one laptop after a month (neon git unstable) or so and it took easily a minute to show anything there.
In fact, we could look into showing progress here, which is what I wanted looking at the thing spin to no end.

If there's a way to show an actual progress indicator in a way that ensures its accuracy, that would be much better, yeah. I'll be happy to abandon this patch if you can do that (I don't know how, sorry).

ngraham abandoned this revision.Thu, Aug 22, 10:22 PM

Abandoning in favor of the vastly superior D23357.