Add hack to unbreak audio playback through pure JS via new Audio()
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Authored by broulik on Apr 25 2019, 8:12 PM.


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Let the comment in the code speak for itself. Now, where is my jug of disinfecting agent...

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Google translate works again and so does for which I originally added this.

Can also control them via p-b-i

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I'm not sure why this is necessary - during new Audio the created object can't play anything by itself as src is not set.
If just doing createdAudio.paused = false after the removeChild is not enough, is that because the DOM modifications are queued and executed after the audio started playing?

Here I can let google translate speak and play the radio just fine, but neither of them are visible to pbi. So race condition, browser differences or bug?

Looks like a recent policy change in Chrome, only my Chrome 74 seems affected and I recall it working half a year ago when I implemented this feature.

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+1 Fixes the issue for me.