Sharpness brush sensor controls

Authored by vanyossi on Apr 10 2019, 4:35 AM.


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continues the work of Sharpness brush option rework

Strengh controls how much sharpness is applied to the pixel data:
Soft controls the edge grays gradation.

Soft Edge acts on the non sharpened edges. If Sharpen strenght is set to 100, Soft will apper to do nothing, Soft Edge is more designed to fine tune the amount of transparent pixels. The difference with Strenght is that, Strenght clips to black from opacity and Softness clips to transparent pixels from alpha value.

Default behavior: Strengh 100%, soft 0 (this is the old behaviour)

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Settings doesn't save. What am I missing?

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Removed forgotten old QCheckbox includes

Setting softness to 0 turns the softness effect off.

Pencil-6 Quick Shade

Default used, Setted sharp to on, and played with values. sharpness mapped to pressure.
Effectiveness is dependant on values in stamp. Rich gray values generate more variations.


  1. 100 / 100
  2. 100 / 0
  3. 50 / 40

the patch still applies and I can confirm it works right, it now really only needs save/load to work right, I think? Make sure here that the sliders have these values set properly too, it doesn't happen right now.


I suspect that sharpness/threshold needs to be loaded into sharpness/factor if it is available to avoid breakage(though not sure anyone actually used this feature)


maybe rename this to m_softenedge now?

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Abandon as I was able to take command of original diff. Sorry :c