Refactor the way device backends are built and registered
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Authored by pino on Sat, Jan 5, 4:19 PM.
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Currently, the bits of information of each device backend (e.g. udev,
upower, etc) are spread in different files:

  • their sources in each CMakeLists.txt
  • their libraries in the CMakeLists.txt that assembles the devices part of libKF5Solid
  • their cmake bits in different places

Also, the logic for building the backends in the library, and then
registering them in the DeviceManager, are repeated as cmake, and C++
bits, with small differences between them.

To overcome these limitations, introduce a set of cmake macros, and
functions to deal with the addition of a device backend:

  • a single place, in the top-level CMakeLists.txt, determine which backends are built
  • the CMakeLists.txt of each backend has just their sources (with no paths), and their libraries needed too
  • the cmake bits create a config-backends.h file with the #define's of the enabled backends
  • the cmake bits set cmake variables, so other cmake bits can perform other operations depending whether a backend is built
  • the backends are registered in the DeviceManager depending solely on the fact that they are built
  • there is a new cmake option() variable to disable the build of a backend
  • the cmake feature_info stuff is used to show which backends are enabled, in a more visibile way
Test Plan
  • build solid
  • check that the enabled backends are the same as before (see the list in the cmake output for enabled features)
  • check that the reported devices are the same as before

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This is tested so far only on Linux, where the cmake output for the device backends is:

-- The following features have been enabled:

 * fakehw, Solid device 'fakehw' backend.
 * udev, Solid device 'udev' backend.
 * udisks2, Solid device 'udisks2' backend.
 * fstab, Solid device 'fstab' backend.
 * upower, Solid device 'upower' backend.

People working on FreeBSD/macOS/Windows: can you please give this a try? Thanks.