Postponed settings change if scanning is in progress

Authored by trufanov on Dec 11 2018, 6:22 PM.



Libksane contains a widget that blocks UI controls while scan is in progress. Still settings could be changed programmatically as KSaneWidget::setOptVals() has no any checks for that (while some other public methods have).

As I've made a D-Bus based global hotkeys for Skanlite that could be used to switch its settings profiles this situation now could happen.
(Note: this is a feature of Skanlite master branch and it's not in release. So perhaps I'm only one who actually uses it for now).
I made these hotkeys to control scanning process without GUI while watching fullscreen video (as many sane backends doesn't support hardware buttons). And I scan book pages with different Skanlite settings depending on presence of images and color/grayscale content. I realized that sometimes (in rare cases) I may switch settings profiles before scanning caret is returned and resulting image got saved. That may corrupt the resulting image.

So easiest way to fix this would be check if scanning is in progress and just return false from KSaneWidget::setOptVals() in this case. But this wouldn't satisfy my use case as I'm watching video and don't know that profile switch didn't happen bcs I was impatient. And I don't want switch from video to Skanlite GUI every time I switch settings to make sure this really worked bcs it ruins all idea of global hotkeys. And if I scan some pages with wrong dpi that may be unnoticed later.

Thus the best option for me is to ignore settings change if scanning process is ongoing but remember the values and apply them just after scanning process is done. This allows me to make sure resulting image won't be damaged and that i'll scan next page with settings I expected to set up.

The implementation is simple. Only one KSaneWidget::setOptVals argument's record is stored and only in case it's necessary.
I've considered QMutex but it should be put in both QThreads (preview and scanning) or it'll completely lock GUI. Suggested approach is simplest one. In fact it could be extended to make a stack that contains a history of setting changes and add undo/redo functions to KSaneWidget... but I couldn't think out a use case for this feature.

The only thing bothers me in this diff is KSaneWidget::setOptVals() return values in case settings wasn't really changed but may be changed later. Currently method behaves like no changes are made. And there is no way to inform caller if they actually were applied after current scanning ends.

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The idea is good. Could we have setOptVals() return -1 and setOptVal() false if the scanning is ongoing and the delayed setting of the value implemented in Skanlite?

The delayed option would be then set when we get the scanDone() signal.

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Ok, in this case this we need to patch 2 projects and this review will contain only a minimal changes.

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Can you also return false in setOptVal() in case the scanning is ongoing? (and the corresponding note in the doxygen comments)


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oops, made a copy-paste mistake. Updated again

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