Automatic code linting using clang-tidy.

Authored by abika on Oct 6 2018, 7:19 PM.



Fixes some 1000+ code style and performance warnings.

The drawback is that it pollutes the 'git annotate' views.

All changes:
Replaced all null pointer constants with C++11 'nullptr' keyword
Use the 'auto' specifier for variable declaration
Replace 'virtual' by 'override' keyword
Replace default constructor/destructor bodies with 'default' keyword
Replace old-style for loops by range-based loops
Use const reference as parameter and std::move() if possible
Replace static by dynamic casts for downcasts
Use const reference instead of copy initialization where possible
Use const reference for loop variables where possible
Remove redundant member initializations in constructors

Test Plan

Tested basic Krusader functionality (start/stop, browsing,
moving/copy/rename/files, search, etc.

Diff Detail

R167 Krusader
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.
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This part seems to be unrelated.

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Is this needed to remove this part?

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  • fixup! Automatic code linting using clang-tidy.
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Thanks Yuri! That should have not been included in here.

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Other than minor things noted inline, looks good! Thanks Alex.


Q_DECL_OVERRIDE here and other places or we are moving to direct override across the board as we are in C++11 world already?


Why? Can you elaborate in the comment? IMO, we should use dynamic cast here as we haven't checked event type yet.

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  • Panel: Simplify handling escape key to close search bar when panel is focused
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Finally ...

Please check again.


Maybe I do not understand the question but why not? C++11 is mandatory for a long time now and you added override to krusader/icon.cpp yourself.


Well, I do not know anymore why I have this code here to begin with.
Handling the escape key while the panel is focused and the searchbar is open is handled later one by handleKeyPressEvent() anyway so I removed this here.

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Thanks for improving the code quality, Alex!


Just wanted to confirm. I forgot that I switched to plain override myself. ;)


Indeed. I checked that it works fine. Thanks for cleaning.

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Thanks for the review!