Fix a typo in the screenshot description of org.kde.kphotoalbum.appdata.xml

Authored by sdepiets on Jun 5 2018, 9:03 AM.


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The word screen is duplicated

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R463 KPhotoAlbum
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You're right, obviously ;-) I've pushed the patch to master. Thanks :-)

(Due to the fact that we can't see user email addresses here, I could not add you as the author, but wrote it in the commit message. I hope you don't mind …)

Sure, no worries.

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Can you approve the revision so I can close it ?


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Sure thing - ship it!

Edit: Of course I mean, close it - it's already shipped ;-)

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Note that translations are handled by an automatic system (informally called "scripty") that extracts messages from all the translatable resources, like messages in the applications/libraries, and also strings in .desktop (and alike), and .appdata.xml files.
As such, editing translations directly is not a good idea, and indeed scripty reverted to the string actually in the en_GB translation the day after this commit.
Please contact the British English team, or the translator directly:

@pino Thanks for the hint - I wasn't aware that the translations in git are a one-way street...

I've forwarded the information to the translator...

pino added a comment.Jul 12 2018, 6:02 PM

Also note the big elephant in the room: the typo is not in the British English translation, but in the original text...
I just pushed 812910752712f185e5ef19bf4786346217232475 to fix it, which will invalidate all the translations (so Steve will notice it by tomorrow).

Oh dear, you're right. Should've looked at the whole picture...

Well I actually didn't see the line above at first. Thanks for the correction

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