Extended test for verifying the Remove from Favorite option.

Authored by bdhruve on May 31 2018, 2:20 PM.


  • Right click on Okular option in favorite tab
  • Check if Okular has removed from the favorite tab

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Ideally, you can just remove kickoff-remove-from-favorite needle and just use the kickoff-favorite needle here, also I'd say the name kickoff-remove for next needle is confusing...

I suggest to,

  • Remove the kickoff-remove-from-favorite needle
  • Use the kickoff-favorite needle instead to right click
  • Rename the kickoff-favorite needle with kickoff-remove-from-favorite.

Otherwise code looks good to me.

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Edit, for 3rd point I meant Rename kickoff-remove needle with kickoff-remove-from-favorite, sorry for confusion.

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Looks like a really good addition.

I have some style complaints though. Feel free to push when you have them sorted.


So, I only just noticed this, but, in the entire test you can basically replace "right" with 'right' (single quotes when you don't need to interpolate a string).

Additionally you can drop all timeout arguments that are 20 or 30. The default is 30, so unless you need substantial divergence from that (e.g. when something is very IO bound) you don't need to define a timeout out all.


30*260? ;)

The rule I've been following in the code is: if it is less than a minute use the actual seconds, if it is above a minute multiply 60.


Should kickoff-favorite-removed maybe be called kickoff-favorite and represent the default appearance and the current kickoff-favorite be renamed to kickoff-favorite-okular to represent the kickoff state during the test? You could then also assert kickoff-favorite at the very beginning to assert that the defaults actually look like that even before we change them by adding okular.

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