Bug 358779 - dgml is missing an option center the map (lonlat)
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Authored by boriss on Apr 3 2016, 6:46 PM.



Can't figure out how to update https://phabricator.kde.org/D894 so I just did this

Some custom map providers will not provide a maps for the entire world , but rather to a small area.
While there is a command line option to start marble to point to a location , it is not a feasible solution when requesting a non technical person to start with command line options (In addition to the need for asking a person to put files a directory).

This patch solve some of the issues raised by devs in the D894

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minor typos


breif -> brief
cooredinates ->coordinates

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fix point raised by rahn

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This introduces an option like
<center>36,20061°E, 54,13909°N</center>
right? What about using
<center lon="..." lat="..." />
instead? Seems less error-prone to me.


Can you add a mail address as well? Same for the .cpp.


I'm still a bit uneasy about using a QVariantList to pass the coordinates, especially given that we have them as GeoDataCoordinates here, then convert to QVariantList, and later on convert back to GeoDataCoordinates. What about using GeoDataCoordinates always and introduce an additional bool hasCenter() method with an according bool m_hasCenter (since you don't seem to like GeoDataCoordinates::isValid)?

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