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Roles within the Kubuntu Community

Roles are a great opportunity to boost your profile and personal contribution to Kubuntu. They provide good definitions on how and where to get involved. Despite being voluntary, you can add you role within Kubuntu as a valid resume experience and an aspect of your overall career path.

You can think or roles, in the same way you might consider a job description in the work place. A community role within Kubuntu requires you first to become a Kubuntu Member
Once you are a Kubuntu Member you can apply to take on a community role. These roles have a minimum term of 6 months, and you have first refusal for re-application after each term.

The roles set out the overall objectives and responsbilities for the role, and provide a list of the functional duties that role performs. It also details how the role interacts with other roles within the communities. Role owners always report back to the Kubuntu Council members who provide the final authorisation on an action. However, the council encourages a do-ocracy and expects Role owners to abide by the Kubuntu Consititution and follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Kubuntu Community Roles and Status

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