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We need to identify workflows, identify obstacles in those workflows, let people vote on them. But not a workflow that would get the blender community all agog, they can drown us

We need to give ourselves wiggle room

We need to group bugs in common areas and set up a vote for those areas

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Since we started with our yearly fund raiser in <a href="">2015</a>, we've been adding new features at a break-neck pace! This year, we want to take a breather, look at we've achieved, and take stock of what got broken, what didn't quite make the grade and what got forgotten.

In short, we want to fix bugs, make Krita more stable and bring more polish and shine to all the features you funded in our previous campaigns!

This is what we're proposing:

We've been combing through the bugs database to find out what gets reported most often. The actual numbers change day by day, of course, but here's the top ten! They're right now ordered by most bugs reported, but everyone who supports Krita this month will get to vote on these topics!

  1. Papercuts. 229 reports. Small things that hamper your productivity. Things that make Krita look less polished than it should be. Places where a little more work would make a huge difference in your daily work.
  1. Brush engines. 82 reports. Things to do with how Krita paints, or switches between eraser mode and painting mode. Usability issues, actual bugs where the painting goes wrong.
  1. Animation. 64 reports. Animation is still new to Krita, and not only are there bugs, there are also many things that still need to be implemented. This is all about rounding out animation, making it dependable and more fun to use.
  1. Color Management. 46 reports. Krita is already really good with color management, but things could be better. We could focus on improving the color selectors, fix issues with blending modes, improve support for higher bit depths or where rounding errors give weird results.
  1. Layers. 43 reports. These are the tough bugs. Where under certain circumstances, the image doesn't get recalculated correctly. Or where exporting a group doesn't work as expected. Or where the layer panel could be easier to use. Or where using file layers is a bit shaky.
  1. Vector Objects and Tools. 27 reports. We gave this a lot of love in the past year! But as soon as things get easier to use, more people start using them, and more and more things turn up that would be really nice, really useful to have. As well as bugs. A feature that doesn't get used, doesn't have any bugs, right? So, if you care about vector layers, tools, objects -- this is your chance to make us spend some more time on them.
  1. Text. 19 reports. Ah... The text tool and text object. It's better than it was, but there are still problems here. We won't be able to solve all of them: we originally wanted to create a complete new layout engine, but never actually had the time for that. This topic is about making the interaction better, and making more of the SVG text standard available. We probably won't be getting into improved text layout or text on path here.
  1. Shortcuts and Canvas Input. 18 reports. A complicated topic, this is all about how shortcuts can be redefined, and then conflict with each other, or not. How we're loading and saving shortcuts. How some buttons cannot be adde to the toolbar because they only exist once an image has been loading. A perennial headache, and we need your help to make it possible for us to sit down and take the time to solve this for once and for all!
  1. Resource Management and Tagging. 18 reports. Work on this topic has already started... We're working on making resources load faster, take less memory until they are actually used and making adding, removing and tagging resources work better. But it's much more work than we originally thought, so we need your help here!
  1. Photoshop Layer Styles. 16 reports. Krita is unique in supporting Photoshop Layer Styles. We got a long way! But there are still bugs, performance issues and missing features -- in short, more work is needed!

If we go over XXXX, we'll add these three topics as well.

  1. Scripting. 8 reports -- but scripting is so new, that we barely know what's missing yet. There's plenty of stuff that we could add to the api, and there's some fundamental things we haven't worked on yet, like working with undo and redo.
  1. Masks and Selections. 5 reports. We secretly already did a ton of work on selections and masks in the running up to this campaign! But there's always more to be done, and selections is one thing everyone uses.
  1. G'Mic Integration. 4 reports. The G'Mic plugin doesn't work on macOS, so that would be one things. It also doesn't support all of the input and output modes of G'Mic, and that's another thing.

And G'Mic doesn't always play nice with selections, or laayers that have been moved.

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