Determine what changes there are in neverland for Akademy website
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Determine what changes were made to the neverland drupal theme to support the years menu system used in the Akademy website

Upstream neverland details

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The modified neverland theme currently in use on akademy.ko

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Here are the rough instructions on what happens each year to drupal

add term for new year to
configure term alias to be YYYY

add term for new year to
configure term alias to be YYYY/news

set default frontpage to YYYY on

create a new menu called "Main Menu YYYY"
after typing in the Title a link next to it to edit the machine name appears, this should be set to category-YYYY (menu- is prefixed to what you call it)

enable the menu in menu settings and set the menu to be the default

set YYYY in Public file system path



header logo is set in and is hardcoded to be in default filesystem location so careful when changing file year

update footer as appropriate

add YYYY to