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We had an Akademy infrastructure BoF during Akademy, we should review the output of this BoF then create a number of tasks for our team to work on.

kcoyle created this task.EditedAug 27 2018, 10:29 AM

This document outlines an overview of the discussion that we had regarding the Akademy Infrastructure Components that we use each year to make Academy a success.

Existing Infrastructure

Akademy Website
The primary website used to promote Akademy and signpost information for Attendees

Wiki Pages
Various Wiki pages that we use during an event to pass along information to attendees and volunteers.
An integration of Frab,, lightly modified to support LDAP authentication provided by
A custom PHP application for event registrations. Retains profile information between various KDE events and supports custom questions for individual events.
An integration of the Fosdem Volunteer Management System, Again, we have modified this application to support LDAP authentication provided by

Badge Generation Tooling
A set of scripts that will generate PDFs for each attendee, utilising an API endpoint on


Continuous Delivery of Akademy Applications
In order to have a team maintaining the Akademy Web Applications, we should implement some form of Continuous delivery. We should be automatically deploying any changes to master on these applications.

Website - Update Theme
We currently use a modified version of the KDE Neverland Theme. We should upgrade the look and feel of the Akademy Website to fall in line with existing KDE design guidelines.

Website - Migrate previous years
We should migrate the content of previous years into the existing instance of Drupal.

Events - Downloadable Resources
We should build a workflow that allows us to generate and provide Visa documents (or similar) for attendees to download. We may wish to integrate this lightly with

Events - Better Registration Experience
We should set the default arrival and departure date to the month that an event takes place.

Events - Granular Access to Statistics
We should have 2 user levels, one that can access overall statistics and another that can access all data for a given event.

Events - Statistics Improvements

  • Chart of conference days and number of attendees per day.
  • Convert numerous lists to tables
  • Look at improving view of Dietary Requirements

Badge Generation
Look at the existing badge generation scripts and improve their reliability. We should aim to have any badge background assets ready before an event takes place.

Frab - BoF Management
It would be helpful if we can allow attendees to schedule their own events during certain time lots within an event. This would allow us to also manage BoFs.
Ideally, any work that we do can be contributed to upstream Frab.

Frab - Schedule Interface
One of our Community Members (@laysrodrigues) kindly developed a progressive web application to present the schedule for attendees. We should improve the existing schedule functionality by making this the default template.
Again, any work that we do here can be contributed to upstream Frab.

Review Pretalx
Other conferences are looking at migrating from Frab towards Pretalx, We should investigate if this will fit our needs.

Volunteers - Improve Admin Interface
The admin interface of Volunteers is currently the standard Django admin interface. We should look at improving how tasks can be crated within this interface.

@duffus @derkits

Do the tasks above cover what we discussed? Let me know if I've missed anything.

Did you see i had made a start on creating a separate Akademy Tools project to separate out the non private Akademy Team stuff? Didn't further than that yet, I imagined splitting in to sub projects like web etc...


I hadn't sorry, I'll move this there. Once we get some feedback on the tasks above we'd have a better view on how best to split it up.


I hadn't sorry, I'll move this there. Once we get some feedback on the tasks above we'd have a better view on how best to split it up.

My fault really I hadn't quite got it in a state to start announcing yet

Yay for public Tools project :)

Tasks seem good,I think one more thing was better webinterface (the PWA from Lays?) for Frab Schedule.

@derkits - Yep, I've added that too.

duffus triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 29 2018, 11:21 AM

I'm going to close this ticket over the coming weekend and split out the relevant tasks. Any more feedback before I go ahead with this?

the akademy.ko theme can probably just be merged into helio's original task and the subtask relating to modified neverland that i added

Do we need an IRC channel for this (people just interested in the tools might not be interested/"secretive" enough to be in the general organisation channel)? I would have suggested #akademy-dev :)

As we follow Freenode guidelines for new channels I've created #kde-akademy-dev

duffus added a comment.EditedAug 31 2018, 8:17 AM

As we follow Freenode guidelines for new channels I've created #kde-akademy-dev

Actually thinking a bit more I think #kde-akademy-tools is probably better to be inclusive of people that can help but don't consider themselves developers, that was the reasoning behind the phab name. No point limiting ourselves

derkits added a comment.EditedAug 31 2018, 9:45 AM

yeah #kde-akademy-tools sounds good :)

Btw why is it it then # akademy and not #kde-akademy ?

legacy channels are generally ok

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