[KAddressbook] Improve the contact view
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The contact view looks a bit awkward, especially for contacts that have little information (only name and email).

Some ideas:

  • Only display single QR code, we don't need two of them (even if only almost no phone can scan the left-most one)
  • Display map with the contacts address (should be optional)
  • Add tooltips to action icons
  • Fix missing action icons (?)
  • Display bigger photo, if available

This does not require any knowledge of Akonadi or the whole PIM stack, the entire contact view is basically just a HMTL page generated from a template. Some C++ coding is needed to load the necessary data (QR codes, map sources etc.).

dvratil created this task.Aug 16 2018, 7:42 PM
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There are some mockups with some qml in the hig for an address book: https://hig.kde.org/components/navigation/toolbar.html https://invent.kde.org/websites/hig-kde-org/tree/master/HIG/source/qml/addr. This can be used for inspiration.