Podcast Manager
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Application that manages and reproduces podcasts


  • Manage podcast subscriptions
  • Integrate with free services (e.g. gpodder.net) for discovering new content
  • Streaming/downloading of podcasts
  • OPML Import/Export
  • Configuration: Refresh interval, notifications, headphones, playback speed, etc

Knowledge Requirements: Willing to learn Qt/QML, CMake.

System Requirements: You can develop this application on normal Linux system, and test it in native Linux system. If you want to test it on Plasma Mobile system, you can use actual Mobile device or Plasma Mobile x86 ISO in emulated environment.

Design Resources:

Development Resources:

The QML touch ui for gPodder (https://github.com/gpodder/gpodder-ui-qml) seems to work very well already.
It looks like this (unfortunately I'm missing the required font for the icons on my system):

I plan to package it for Plasma Mobile in the near future :)
If there is interest in developing a Kirigami ui for it that suits the design of Plasma Mobile better, I'd like to help.

A weird idea was to fork VVave (https://invent.kde.org/kde/vvave), the music player, and add functionality to save playback progress to get a simple audio book and podcast player (not a subscriber and downloader) without too many extra efforts.