Ship some KDE games with Cosmic
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KDE has a wide assortment of pretty good games, but we don't ship any of them in Kubuntu. It would be nice to include a couple of them with Cosmic. Recommendations:

  • KMines
  • Kmahjongg
  • KHangMan
  • Kigo
  • KReversi
  • KSudoku
  • KGoldRunner
  • Naval Battle

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ngraham created this task.Jul 4 2018, 1:54 PM
ngraham mentioned this in T7523: Product Manager.

May I offer for consideration kblocks?

Any conclusions?

I vote for KPatience and KMahjong. They're two very good-looking games, proving that Linux games aren't pixellated messes from the 1980s. Plus, they're sort-of "classics", included in a lot of distros and even competing OSes like iOS and Windows. It would give Kubuntu a well-rounded feeling as a complete and user-friendly distro.

Ok. If we do this, I would suggest:

  • kmines
  • kmahjongg
  • kpat
  • ksudoku

Rik's list is great! Palapelli is pretty cool too. Single player puzzles. Adding a few games would be excellent. I play klondike from kpat multiple times per week.

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