Disable the lighthearted tone in phabricator
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More information at : https://secure.phabricator.com/book/phabricator/article/tone/


This settings offers the tiny jokes and some more lightened text items when using the phabricator, while this is fun if you know what does what, this can be straight forward to use. But, to new contributor this can be totally confusing.. For instance it is very hard to decipher "Set sail for adventure" button when commenting on tasks.

With regards to our goal for onboarding it is very important that we provide not-so confusing user interface to new contributors.

If there is agreement in general about this, I can perform this modification.

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Personally I am very much in favour, even to tech-savy people who had to deal with systems like the Atlassian Stack (Jira, BitBucket etc.), Redmine and GitLab, Phab can sometimes be very confusing and it's not entirely sure if a button will do what you expect it to.
I also assume that for people who don't feel terribly comfortable with English yet, it might make it even harder.

Phab has some potential for UX improvements in general, but I think toning down what you call "more lightened text items" will already make it easier.

tl;dr: +1

The jokes always make me smile, but new contributor friendliness comes first. +1.