Akademy 2018: Professional Online Publications
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AuthorPublicationContactWho knows them personally?Contacted (Y/N)?Who contacted them?Result Anything special we should know
Brian FagioliBetaNewsN
Adarsh VermaFOSSBytesN
Sam VargheseITWireN
Bruce ByfieldDatamation@paulbN

Just getting this started. I have more, but will continue filling in later. An empty cell just means or I haven't looked it up yet, or it is too early to fill in.

If you want to add to this list, make sure the author is working for a professional online publication (i.e. they are getting paid to write -- we will deal with "fan" publications elsewhere) and has written at least more than once about KDE technologies.

One thing to think about (and write into the comments) is a list of things we would like them to do for us.

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lnm usually offer us an "advert" space if we ask in time, but we probably don't fully make use of it

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True. I talk to them often. I will bring it up. Thanks for the reminder.

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I guess that means we should get onto @jensreuterberg to design an ad.

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