Ensure that KNewStuff works
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The switch to store.kde.org unfortunately broke the old links. Check that KNewStuff is still working and when needed:

  • make sure that the category exists on store.kde.org
  • fix the URL from newstuff.kde.org to store.kde.org and
ltoscano created this task.Jun 23 2017, 7:10 AM

Apparently the issues was temporary or it has been solved somehow. As today (2017-07-23) all knsrc files in kdegames/ which has a corresponding GUI can load something (or at least not error out). Closing then.

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ltoscano reopened this task as Open.Jul 29 2017, 12:57 PM

It turns out the the web server on the machines hosting newstuff.kde.org was restarted by accident when I tested the applications few days ago. So the testing worked just by pure chance.
Reopening, few applications need categories on store.kde.org:


See also:

Also, another category:

KSudoku Games

(KSudoku code for KNS has been disabled for a while, but let's start the basic steps for reenabling it).